New Zealand design registrations

Convention deadline, filing requirements and registration procedures

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New Zealand applies the six month Paris Convention priority deadline.

Minimum filing requirements

  • Title of product to be protected
  • One (1) set of representations, preferably line drawings
  • Name(s) and address(es) of applicant(s)
  • Convention priority details – country, date, applicant(s) and number of basic priority application(s)
  • Statement of novel features of the design

A Power of Attorney is not required at the time of filing.

Information that may be late filed

  • Certified copy of basic priority application(s)
  • Nationality of applicant
  • An ‘Authorisation of Agent’ (essentially a Power of Attorney)

15 year term

The registration may remain in force for a period of five years, and can be extended for two further five year periods by paying renewal fees.

Automatic examination

Examination typically occurs within a month or so of filing. If the Examiner has no objections, a certificate of registration will issue.

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