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'Bucket Wheel Machines'

AU patent no. 2019100413

Patent Drawings - Bucket wheel machine- Mining, resources, method patent

Tags: Mining, resources, method patent

Photo - Bucket wheel machine- Mining, resources, method patent

'Shock Absorber'

US patent no. 11,125,298

Patent drawing - shock absorber - mechanical engineering, automotive, manufacturing

Tags: Mechanical engineering, automotive, manufacturing

'Power distribution'

International patent application no. PCT/AU2021/051527

patent drawings -Electrical engineering, lighting

Tags: Electrical engineering, lighting

photo - Electrical engineering, lighting

'A valve'

European patent no. 2853658

patent drawing - civil engineering; plumbing

Tags: civil engineering, plumbing

photo - swimming pool, valve, civil engineering; plumbing

'A handle'

AU design registration no. 202113082

Design drawing - handle, manufacturing, building, construction

Tags: Manufacturing, building, construction

Rendering - handle, manufacturing, building, construction

'A catheter system'

International patent application no. PCT/AU2014/000248

Patent drawings - Medical device, Method of treatment, medical patent

Tags: Medical device, Method of treatment, medical patent

Photo - Medical device, Method of treatment, medical patent

'A footing'

AU provisional patent application no. 2019902050 / 2020203851

Patent drawings - footing, civil engineering, building, construction

Tags: Civil engineering, building, construction

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a patent?

A patent is a type of intellectual property that is issued by a government and gives its owner the right to stop others making, using, selling and importing versions of a new product and/or process.

Generally, patents are granted country by country but the patent rights can be broken up along different geographic boundaries – e.g. if you are based in Sydney, you might keep the NSW market to yourself and permit others to use your invention in the other states in return for royalty payments.

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Why file a patent?

  • To preserve profit margin by limiting competition.
  • To generate new income streams by licensing.
  • To demonstrate to the market that you are innovative.
  • To attract investors.
  • To foster an innovative business culture.

How long does a patent last?

Twenty years is the standard patent term in Australia, the US and most other countries. The 20-year term is usually calculated from the filing date of the first non-provisional patent, so an additional 12 months of protection can be secured by filing a provisional patent application.

Further reading: How long does a patent last?

How much does a patent cost in Sydney?

Securing an Australian patent often costs about $17,000 + GST over about four or five years. International strategies often cost about $100,000 + GST over the first four years, e.g. if you aim to cover several individual countries plus Europe as a region.

Further reading: How much does a patent cost?

What is a patent attorney?

Patent attorneys secure and advise on the coverage of patents. They have a combination of technical (e.g. engineering) and legal qualifications, but are typically not lawyers. Registration as an attorney is a separate, less common qualification – whereas there are about 1,100 patent attorneys spread across Australia and New Zealand, there are about 15,000 lawyers in the Sydney CBD alone.

Further reading: Patent Lawyer v Patent Attorney

How much does a Sydney patent attorney charge?

Most Australian patent attorneys will start with a free-of-charge discussion, then charge in the range of $400 to $1,100 + GST per hour plus fixed charges for certain administrative actions. Sydney patent attorney rates are often closer to the upper end of the range.

Further reading: How much does a patent attorney cost?

How to patent an idea

The process often starts with a provisional patent application followed by one or more non-provisional patent application(s) about 12 months later. The non-provisional application(s) will then be examined to check that the invention qualifies. A patent is usually granted shortly after an application passes examination.

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How do you enforce a patent?

If you believe that your patent is being infringed, it is important to verify that the patent validly covers the infringing product before reaching out to the infringer. Reaching out with professionally prepared correspondence improves the prospects of success. If the dispute cannot be resolved through correspondence and/or mediation (etc), patents are enforced in the courts. more

Australian patents are enforced by applying to the Federal Court of Australia. The NSW registry of the FCA is located at 184 Phillip St, Queens Square, Sydney.

Further reading: How do you enforce a patent?

How to respond to an allegation of infringement

Swift action and professional advice are important if you are threatened with a patent. A qualified patent attorney can assess the substance of the allegation (Is the patent valid? Does it cover your product and/or process?) and guide you through the process.

Most patent disputes are resolved without going to court. A well-written response pointing out the weaknesses in the patent holder’s position can be enough to end the matter.

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Support for Sydney innovators

The Sydney Startup Hub is a ‘community for founders and entrepreneurs to share, learn, build networks, and bring their ideas to life’.

Investment NSW is ‘dedicated to boosting research and development, fostering startups and innovation and growing priority sectors and precincts across the state’.

‘The North Sydney Innovation Network (NSIN) is a not-for-profit innovation and technology group. We aim to support and boost the contribution of innovation-related businesses, particularly new start-ups and fast-growth businesses.’

‘The Southern Sydney Innovation Network (SSIN) is a community driven not-for-profit supporting the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southern Sydney.’

There are four government-supported innovation districts supporting the Six Cities Region.

The City of Sydney’s innovation and ideas grant ‘supports innovative projects that address local and global issues across key sectors that contribute to a sustainable city, thriving economy, vibrant communities and cultural life’.

Eventbrite hosts innovation events in Sydney, Australia.