Patent portfolio management maximises your IP dollar

We are Melbourne based patent experts experienced in portfolio management.

It is important to develop and employ a patent management strategy to ensure your IP dollars are utilised effectively.

Do you know what is in your patent portfolio?

Regular portfolio reviews help you stay on top of the coverage of your patents so you are best placed to identify market opportunities or infringements.

Reviews may identify opportunities to license your patents into other markets, or you might find that one of your competitors should already be paying you royalties.

Regular review of your patent portfolio is important to maximise its value.

Portfolio reviews also identify patents that are no longer valuable and should be terminated. By way of example, you might choose to terminate a patent when the technology it covers becomes obsolete.

BRM can help you link products and profits with their income-generating patents. We will go over your patent portfolio and business plan with you to identify the strategically important patents, the ‘nice to have’ patents and the patents that do not match the plan.

BRM’s patent management services include the management of patent renewals and payment of renewal fees.

Our patent portfolio management services also extend to international patent rights, where we co-ordinate with our international network to deliver services.

Contact us if it’s time to have a review and spring clean of your portfolio.

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