About us

We’re intellectual property specialists who enjoy providing great service.

Great Service

Direct access to experienced professionals, clear cost forecasts, clear communication and responsiveness are hallmarks of the BRM experience.

We are easy to work with and tailor our approach to suit our clients’ needs and preferences. Our clients include businesses of all sizes, from innovative individuals and new start-ups through to multi-nationals.

Great Patents

Not all patents are created equal. The coverage of a patent depends on how the invention compares to earlier technology and on the skill of the patent attorney.

We pride ourselves on securing strong patents that cover all that they should. Examples of our patents are available here.

Global Reach

We are registered to practise in Australia and New Zealand (check here), and work with an international network of patent attorneys to secure effective intellectual property rights around the globe. More on how to patent internationally.

Intellectual Property Expertise

Together we have well over a century of experience specialising in IP attorney services. We are ideally placed to assist you to obtain intellectual property rights, to advise on your competitors’ rights and/or resolve an intellectual property dispute. More on our IP expertise.

Professional Affiliations

We focus on intellectual property attorney services and maintain strong relationships with lawyers and barristers with whom we often work closely. We can put together a team to match your goals and tailor our approach to suit you. Clients often prefer to keep us as their main point of contact due to our responsive and reliable service and practical advice without legalese. More on Patent Lawyer v Patent Attorney.

Technical Expertise

With engineering qualifications and practical experience in industry, we have the engineering skills to understand your invention, read a technical drawing and talk in your language. We deliver simple, practical advice without the legalese. More on our mechanical engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Responsive And Reliable

We have rapid turnaround times and an enviable record of dependability. Our robust business systems, quality-focused culture and experienced professionals ensure prompt and professional service.

Cost Conscious

We do all that we can to clearly foreshadow costs and ensure that you get the best possible return on your intellectual property investments. More on patent costs.

A Proud History

Some of you may know our professionals from Wadeson – a boutique attorney firm established in 2009. As of 1 July 2021, Wadeson’s patent team commenced trading as BRM1 and Wadeson2 commenced focusing solely on trade marks.

1 BRM Patent Attorneys Pty Ltd; ACN 649 973 204
2 Wadeson IP Pty Ltd; ACN 623 567 760

Proudly Independent

The vast majority of Australian intellectual property attorneys work under the umbrellas of a few publicly listed holding companies. We have resisted every approach to join them and remain proudly independent. We remain under the management of intellectual property professionals focused on providing quality attorney services and you can be confident that we’re not in league with a sister company working for your competitors. more

Always Happy To Chat

We prefer to start with a detailed discussion (without charge) so that we can provide preliminary comment on the prospects of success and the likely steps ahead, and provide a written quote before we get to work. Please contact us when you’re ready to talk.