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This page is intended for attorneys outside New Zealand looking to extend their clients’ rights into New Zealand.

Patent attorney services is intended for New Zealanders.

Outstanding agency services

We make routine prosecution easy. We tell you what you need to know about New Zealand without pre-empting or duplicating your work, and have the expertise to make more detailed contributions when you need us.

Responsive and reliable

We have rapid turnaround times and an enviable record of dependability. Our robust business systems, quality-focused culture and experienced professionals ensure prompt and professional service.

Cost conscious

We provide meaningful estimates and closely monitor costs.


We allocate senior attorneys to routine prosecution.

Our registered patent attorneys excel across industries including manufacturing, mechanical engineering, materials handling, air conditioning, pumps, fans, motors, mining, oil & gas, automotive and medical devices.

New Zealand patent and design rights

Concise procedural and substantive information for patent attorneys

See also patent, design and trade mark rights for New Zealanders.


Applications From national phase entry or convention filing to grant and beyond.
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Convention application Deadline and filing requirements
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National phase entry Deadline and filing requirements
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Coverage, novelty and grace periods
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Filing requirements and registration procedures
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