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Patent attorney judging at the Bendigo Invention + Innovation Festival 2019

We are proud supporters of Bendigo and are pleased to be part the Bendigo Invention + Innovation Festival 2019 (BIIF).

Bendigo is Victoria’s fourth largest city and boasts a thriving manufacturing sector including key players in mining & industrial casting, rubber manufacturing and military vehicles.

The BIIF is an initiative of Bendigo’s peak industry body, Be.Bendigo. Festival Director David Hughes explains:

Our vision is that Bendigo is internationally regarded as an innovation hotspot that quickly identifies and offers solutions to issues with a social impact. A place where problems are shared, ideas are freely discussed and solutions are collaborated on. There is a strong entrepreneurial culture that is supported by local government policy, infrastructure, access to funding and networking opportunities. Ideas are supported to commercialisation through a strong talent pool and access to capital.

This year our Ben Mott is proud to be one of the judges. We look forward to seeing you there.


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